Music Therapy - Young People

Music therapy is available for young people who have social, emotional or mental health problems. Music therapy sessions may be provided individually or for small groups, to help increase self-esteem and reduce depression in a therapeutic musical environment.

Research shows music therapy can help. There are excerpts from recent research below.
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Information Sheet - more about music therapy for young people

Please fill in a copy of the 2 forms below before commencing music therapy. Every detail you can provide helps. You can print these and bring them with you, or fill them electronically and email.

Referral Form - provide background, aims, additional information

Consent Form - provide permission for therapy and optionally recording or case studies


A randomised controlled trial involving 251 children and young people found music therapy improved self-esteem and lower depression, with particular benefits for young people:

"for participants aged 13 and over in the intervention group, the child SSIS communication was significantly improved. . . Overall, self-esteem was significantly improved and depression scores were significantly lower at week 13." (Porter et al. 2017)