Here you'll find songs of all kinds - for a whole range of people and groups.

If you have any questions, please call 07948 504355 or email.

From music sessions, here are some well known songs requested by clients.

Quotes from carers in response to the videos:

"You have made him very happy, thank you!"
"They are now enjoying listening to the music. xxx has cheered them both up x"
"She is really enjoying watching these, she's really animated, touching and pointing and laughing a lot when she sees you on the screen.
Staff have been sitting with her and her iPad to watch your videos when she seems to be getting a bit restless. It's great to see her recognise you and enjoy watching them."

Here are some recent split-screen covers. Learn piano, guitar and more via online lessons.

From guitar lessons, here are some song arrangements with chords and tunes for practising.

Photograph La Bamba Castle on the Hill Castle on the Hill in C Thinking Out Loud All right now Hound dog Classical Gas Here Comes The Sun Hey Brother All is found Shape Of You Livin On A Prayer Shotgun Budapest Jingle Bells

Below are hymns and songs which have been requested - if you'd like to hear me sing something - call 07948 504355 or email.

The following songs came from music therapy sessions with children. They are largely based on nursery rhyme tunes, include references to actions and instruments, and can help with motor and cognitive skills. The songs are collected together in this file: Cabasa on the floor (PDF)

From our original music group, songs about happiness and sunshine, here are some arrangements for personal learning purposes: Here Comes The Sun Shake it off Summertime Here comes the sun Happy Wake me up Stand by me Budapest You are my sunshine Wimoweh

"Singing is like a celebration of oxygen."