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Sat 8th October 2022

Our festival will celebrate music in the community - and bring together a variety of music from people across Dundee, with daytime performances and a super-size collection of songwriters.

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After-school · 3.30-6pm · 12 waiting
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Evening · 6-8pm · 13 waiting
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Saturday · 10-12 · 5 waiting
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Hello, thanks for visiting!
We provide a range of music lessons and sessions in Dundee.

Check the calendar for availability,
call 07948 504355 or email to ask for more details.

Tutoring over 200 people since 2014, Ed at Dundee Piano provides one-to-one piano lessons for all ages and levels.

These are for people of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Lessons cover a wide range of musical styles, including pop, classical, blues, jazz and more.

Since 2019 we've hosted a number of gigs and live shows.

These showcase musicians, singers and songwriters, providing a listening audience.

They also help raise awareness and funds for our community music.

Learn to play guitar, learn music theory, songwriting or composing.

Learn from an experienced musician, either via sheet music or by ear.

Interactive music-making sessions are available for people with additional support needs - singing songs of your choice, accompanied by guitar, piano, percussion.

Join others in community music making.

Sing, play, learn together.

Improve your well-being, have fun!

Funds raised at our gigs have enabled a range of music sessions at reduced rates or free to community groups.