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There is currently an opportunity for a local charity or community group to receive sessions funded by our gigs.

Songwriters Night #3 funded a block of ten 30-minute music sessions for children with additional support needs at a local primary school. Read more about it in this article @ The Courier.

And Songwriters Night #4 funded six 30-minute music sessions for adults with additional support needs in the community.

If you know a local group who may benefit - they can email us.

Below there are information sheets and details of previous groups.
If you have a request or a suggestion, please call 07948 504355 or email.

Read more about my previous experience in community music and music therapy.

In 2018/19 I ran Better Taygether - an intergenerational singing group at The Circle in Dundee, in partnership with Better:Gen.

This group brought together people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to sing, helping to improve their well-being and connect with others.

This particular group is no longer running, but if you're interested in something similar please get in touch.

The original face the music group began in 2015 at a library in Dundee, and met for several months - learning chords and songs along the way.

People of all ages joined to make music with guitars, ukuleles, cajon, djembe, clarinet, flute & cabasa.

"Singing is like a celebration of oxygen."

Some songs from the original group

Shake it Off