Introducing some of the musical instruments . . .

"One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain."

lyre · strum, pluck

a lightweight string instrument, like a small harp

tambourine · shake, tap, jingle, roll

easy to play, pass it around, have fun

frog guiros · scrape, tap

three sizes of frog for different sounds

glockenspiel · tinkle, ring

play high notes that ring out like bells

maracas · shake

shake them in time to the rhythm

bongos · tap, beat, high, low

play with fingers, thumbs, hands

cabasa · roll, shake, tap

feel the beads, turn in your hand or shake

castanets · click, tap

click between fingers

claves · click, tap

play together, short high-pitched sound

shakers · move, shake

shake in time to the rhythm. . .

wind chimes · tap, ring, jingle

accessible and easy to play, feel the metal chime bars, listen to them ring

djembe · beat, hit, tap

play with fingers and palms, make lively rhythms

darbuka · beat, hit, tap

like a small aluminium djembe: play with fingers

jingles · shake, tap, wave

jingle and shake

cowbell · tap, ring

singing bowl · tap, touch, sing

play the bowl like a bell to feel and hear the vibration

snare · hit, beat

play the drum with sticks or brushes

tambour · tap, beat

beat a rhythm on the hand drum

cymbal · crash

play the cymbal softly or make a loud noise!

tom · tap, boom

play gently or make a booming noise

whistles · blow, flutter

sound like a bird on the whistles

guitar, uke, mandolin · strum, pluck

chords and melodies on stringed instruments. . .

bass guitar · pluck

play low notes underneath everything else

accordion · press, squeeze, push, pull

play tunes on one hand, chords on the other, with bellows between to make the sound

agogo/guiro · tap, scrape, high, low

combining two instruments in one, play high or low, long or short